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TCU football gameTCU Area Homes offer stability and consistent appreciation in value.

The neighborhoods around Texas Christian University tend to be the most resilient and stable communities in the city of Fort Worth. When you hear people refer to “TCU” as a neighborhood they generally are speaking of the neighborhoods built between 1920 and 1960 which surround the school. Park Hill, Berkeley Place, Sisk Heights, University Place, University West, Bluebonnet Hills, Bluebonnet Place, Kellis Park, Wilshire, Westcliff, Westcliff West, Colonial Hills and Worth Heights are all “TCU neighborhoods.”

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02-FRONTIn a broader sense the Tanglewood and Overton communities are also part of the TCU area however locals think of a TCU area home as primarily tudor architecture from the 1920’s or Mid-Century style homes built in the 1950’s. These neighborhoods were built about the same time as the Arlington Heights area homes as Fort Worth expanded it’s footprint beginning in the 1920’s. Prior to that time most residential buildings were in the near Southside areas of Fairmount, Elizabeth Blvd. and Ryan Place and in several downtown districts which are now mostly gone. Other residences were located around Samuels Blvd northeast of downtown.
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TCU Overlay District Requires Investors to Register Their Property.

Living in a college-centric community has great and sometimes not-so-great dimensions. In response to the complaints of home-owners living in single family residences in the TCU neighborhoods the City of Fort Worth passed a special zoning restriction known as the TCU Overlay to limit the growth of “stealth dorms” where as many as 5 or more unrelated people live in a single family home. The parties, traffic and on-street parking had been taking a heavy toll on the charming neighborhoods surrounding the campus. After much discussion the city has established standards and requirements that anyone owning rental property in the overlay district must follow. After a short period of exception requests the zoning overlay was locked in. Exceptions were made to grandfather landlords who are already “renting out rooms one at a time” but going forward newly registered rental properties may have no more than 3 unrelated persons residing. Newly acquired rental property must promptly be re-registered with the city of Fort Worth by the owner. Here is a link to the city’s registration portalrental units around tcu

Mostly, residents of the TCU neighborhoods like the proximity to the active campus, Amon G Carter Stadium, the University churches and the student-oriented restaurants and bars. TCU’s enrollment has been capped by the Trustees for the past three years and the University has prioritized creating sufficient housing on campus to accommodate as many students as possible, including construction of the new “Greek Village” in the Worth Hills area of the campus. Even with the overlay district there will continue to be many rental properties throughout the TCU neighborhoods as seen  on the map at left. Predictions are that with the direction of the campus leadership along with the expected continuing growth of Fort Worth, that many of the rental properties will be converted back to owner-occupied as prices continue to rise.

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