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Lisa Creed joins Fort Worth Texas Real Estate- The most innovative real estate team in Texas!

Why FWTRE (Fort Worth Texas Real Estate)? Because we care enough to ask what you are looking for in real estate services.  This means everything from what you want in an agent to how you’d like to receive information and search for homes.
We know most people start their moving or house hunting adventure online….and we know there are a hundred sites to choose from…and they are all different which can make things even more confusing.  SO…We decided to find out what home buyers and sellers REALLY wanted most in a real estate site so we could go create it (sounds too simple but it’s true). Here’s what we discovered.

EASY ACCESS TO HOMES ON THE MARKET (Updated status information)

PHOTOS (lots of them – but don’t crash or slow down the search)

HOME DETAILS (# of bedrooms, dimensions.. etc)

MAPS and AREA INFO (don’t make me leave the home info page to view a map)


Our website team works carefully behind the scenes to create the very best possible experience for our clients. We have built our site to provide the most relevant real estate information about the Fort Worth Texas market area. We know once you start ‘browsing online’ you will soon have questions about the process itself.  Even if you aren’t new to home buying you may not be familiar with Texas Real Estate, the Option Period and how Title is transferred here in Texas.  Every category below represents a stage in the process of buying a home. Some buyers need lots of assistance and others may not. In either case, you have landed on the right page. Just click on whatever you need.

Get the advantages that come from working with the most innovative and dedicated Real Estate Consultants in North Texas. Nobody opens more doors every day than Fort Worth Texas Real Estate (FWTRE) and no other real estate brokerage, team or individual agent can offer you the benefits of our BUYER ADVANTAGE PROGRAM.  
Make a selection below for details or to ask a question now.

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