Finding home isn’t always about the house. More than often, it’s about the community. And there are plenty of suburbs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that distinguish themselves in their own unique way. To help narrow your search down, check out what we had to say about these Top 5 Fort Worth Communities, and see if any of them are the right place to call “home.”


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Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth TX Real Estate

Everyone associates Fort Worth with cowtown, but the city isn’t all about cowboys and the “western heritage.” What really defines Fort Worth from the other cities (like Dallas) is our spirit. We took the traditional “howdy,” and …Read More


Arlington, TX

Arlington Rangers Ballpark

People often think of Arlington as the entertainment capital of Texas — and when it’s Texas, it has to be big. That’s why you’ll find amusement parks like Six Flags and the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium located here. You’re not going to just find …Read More


Weatherford, TX

Weatherford TX Real Estate

Weatherford has two reigning titles in Texas: the Peach Capital and the Cutting Horse Capital. But when you think of these, don’t focus on the names. Think about the lifestyle that revolves around them. Weatherford is a town that takes its heritage seriously and …Read More


Aledo, TX

Aledo TX Real Estate

A few years back, people might describe Aledo as a city with small-town culture, highly rated schools, and a quiet country life. But Aledo, in recent years, has been growing out of this shell and attached a few more adjectives to their list. And the best way to describe it now is with their town slogan: …Read More


Mansfield, TX

Mansfield TX Real Estate

Mansfield is a community where you’ll be at the baseball field on Friday night, watching your child play his best. Neighbors will be there, talking about their week. And overall, the feeling will just be relaxation. Mansfield isn’t out to get you hustling and bustling like …Read More