Real Estate Photographs Matter

pool and deck

Good quality photos SELL HOMES.

THE most important thing an agent can do to insure  a quick sale and a good price for the seller is to attract as many buyers in the shortest possible time from the day a home is listed.  Sellers are never in a better negotiating position than in the first 2 weeks. Great photographs attract buyers during that time and beyond.  Over 90% of home-buyers begin their search online and with as many homes as are currently on the market, they typically narrow the field by clicking through  hundreds of photographs. Yours better be some of the best or they will never even go on to read the property description.

Documenting everything is a mistake.

Most laundry rooms and garages are nothing special.  If yours IS I will attempt to capture it’s uniqueness in a photograph.  Every bedroom does not need to be included and quite often living areas should not be included if the photographs are not strikingly beautiful.  All of my listings will have at least one exterior photo (usually of the front) that is taken in the best possible light and from the most flattering or interesting angle.  If possible, there should always be a photograph of the kitchen and bathrooms as these areas are of highest interest to buyers and they also give a good indication of the home’s degree of updating.  If the backyard looks like fun it should be photographed and included. I usually never see a listing that has more than 8 pictures that would not have been more effective if it had only had 6.  Many agents disagree with me on this point. 

Words are for explaining, Photos are for exciting

The property description is going to be what prospective buyers read AFTER they have approved of the photographs; it should  add to their interest level, explain benefits like energy-saving features, and point out things that differentiate this home from the competition.  It is a very important compliment to good photos but NOT a substitute.  After you have read about 20 property descriptions the words “beautiful” and “open-concept” mean almost nothing anymore.  Great pictures however, jump off the computer screen like a tiger.  Pictures are the most effective way to tell a buyer how they will “feel” if they come to live in your home.  I believe in using photographs to highlight superior landscaping, architectural detail and aspects of the real estate that words cannot adequately describe.

Trust me.

I believe strongly that  a collaborative relationship between myself and the home owner is essential. At every turn I will offer you my best advice and plainly acknowledge whenever I am at a loss to give you a definite answer.  Most home owners look at  their home through a strong filter of love and familiarity. My most important recommendations about the photos of your home is to trust me.  When you look at  the pictures remember you are looking at something you know about.  Even the most sophisticated and intelligent people have difficulty being objective.    The choice and clarity of  the subject matter, the  composition and the  exposure are all critical aspects of the photo presentation.  In the end however, the pictures must also compel the viewer to request a showing.

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